Newsbreak 3/07/2020


The New Club House and other things

Firstly, welcome to the second half of 2020———–it can only get better!
Both committees have been working hard with the construction, and design teams to make sure our new club house meets all our requirements.

On this point we are very much aware that members are asking many questions, as to when, what it will look like, even down to parking, ski racks and wash bays.

Sending you a photograph of a building site will not fire you up, so Kirsty Mc Knight of Design Sense Interiors put together some concept artwork that allows one to appreciate the look we are trying to create.
Just remember, treat these as impressions rather than the final detail——however the final product will reflect what you see in these works of art—something, modern, fresh, and at the same time practical—-and a proper bar!!! And even our little ones are catered for, so Mom’s we have made sure you are happy as well!
We are all aware that our time at the temporary club is over and when we re-open it will be straight into our new abode.
In terms of timing we are planning to be open on the 9th August 2020, and as you can appreciate there is plenty to do with moving kitchens, cold rooms, and even brick pavers that will be used again. In fact, we have to vacate the existing site by the end of July.

For those that have been launching you will already know of the extra parking that has been created on site 5.6 as it is commonly referred to—-this is the site on the right of the future access road to the beach which is under the promenade.
The PWC has leased this for the storage of skis, and ski wash bay, a wash bay for ski boats, and parking for vehicle and ski boat after washing “your pride and joy” There will also be parking available for our members, and it will be well secured! Also, it is a “chip and a putt” to your preferred refreshment!
In closing, we take this opportunity of thanking the “Construction Committee” for the hard work put into this project, and know it will be the beginning of a fantastic new era for all.

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