Newsbreak – 7/07/2020

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Well, by now we should all be up to speed with how the new club house is coming along, and from the many comments received the vibe is very positive—-we really appreciate the feedback, please keep it coming. We don’t mind constructive criticism either—we have broad shoulders.

Also note that our designer Kirsty Mc Knight is busy putting together conceptual detail of the Kiddies area. Unfortunately, it was not ready when we sent out the other pics. As soon as we receive, we will post.

It is incredible to think that in about a months’ time we will be moving into our New Home——it has been a long journey, and the 9th of August is eagerly awaited. The fitting out has already begun so we are excited about the earlier pics becoming a reality.

We all, are looking forward to being able to put our brollies up on one of the safest beaches in SA. However, before that happens, we need this Covid 19 thing to change course. Here is holding thumbs it will be soon. At least we will be one step closer to the ocean.

What follows next won’t exactly turn the Ladies on but is quite important to the Hubbies. However, Mums if you change your mind, and want to get into deep sea diving, and angling please note a “wash-bay” has not gender based————all are welcome!

The All New Ski Boat Wash bay and extra parking for our members. Also new Surf Ski shelters.

Site 5,6 as it is referred to, is essentially extra parking, which is really well positioned for a short walk to our new club. It also has built into it an all new wash bay, and ski shelters, soon to be erected.

If you have been out to sea since restrictions were lifted you will probably have used the new wash bay. If you haven’t this newsbreak will keep you up to speed.

It has really taken our old wash bay to a new level———–we can now accommodate 4 boats at a time, and as importantly we have created an opportunity for 4 guys, all kitted out in their PWC T shirts, and regalia, to care for your ship and tackle after a tough day at sea. We can also accommodate tandem parking which is a big plus.

This initiative is not new in that it was started over 10 months ago when we were at the old premises. Over this period, the team, have really been put through their paces, have proved reliable, and work well together.

Please note this is their own business, and all we have done is to select and approve their appointment. As importantly it means another four families have an income.

Furthermore, they have been well trained under the watchful eye of Mark Setterberg, who is a well experienced ski boater, and has sound experience in these manners. Mark will continue to supervise and develop the service they offer.

As importantly, the charge for a wash and engine flush for a small boat is R100. There is an escalation in price depending on size of craft that tops out at R150 for a “groot skep” In that price they also clean and dry your fishing equipment and of course your craft. It really is a bargain.

So, meet the team—they are from left to right in the pics attached: Grant, Christopher, Owen (Supervisor) and Calvin[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”2219″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]

Surf Ski Shelters

In the coming weeks the surf ski shelters will be erected diagonally opposite the wash bay and will accommodate in excess of 400 surf ski’s / SUP’s and fishing kayaks. Your building team and committees have been hard at work ensuring that this multi-purpose parking facility delivers to all sporting codes as well as doubling up on tandem parking bays whilst enjoying the fruits of the new club.

If you had a rack allocated to you at the temporary site, then you are automatically on the list for a rack allocation in the new storage racks. If you would like to give up your rack allocation, please send an email to ATT Paul so we can free up some space for those on the waiting list.
If you would like to go on the waiting list for a rack allocation then also send an email to

Launching from Vetch’s Beach

A lot of hard work has been put into this to get the OK for launching around the clock.

We take this opportunity of thanking Captain Adams and other Senior Port Officials that have accommodated our request since recreational fishing was opened by Minister Cressey.

Please remember that it is a requirement of launching, and beaching that a tractor is used. This is a built-in condition to allow us to cross the beach—so let’s get behind the new ruling as it gets us on the water!

Further note that the DSBC has been confirmed by the Port Captain and Harbor Officials as the responsible entity——so Skinny, you and your Team better take care of us, and be super nice! It is really business as usual. In summary nothing has really changed.

Once again it highlights the importance of solid relationships with our City and Harbor Officials.

To you, all we say THANK YOU!

Tight lines and Safe Diving from your Scribe[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]