Newsbreak – 26/06/2020

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dear DUC and DSBC Members

In the latest address by the President, it was announced that sit down restaurants would be able to start operating again. This has led to many enquiries from members as to when we can expect the club to start serving meals again.

At the time of writing, the regulations pertaining to the reopening of sit-down restaurants had not yet been published. Taking this into consideration and the requirement that the club vacate the current premises by the 31st July 2020, the decision has been taken by the PWSC Committee that food and beverages services will not be available at the “old site” again.

During the month of July, club equipment will be moved across to the new site in readiness for the opening of the new site during August once the fitout is complete. The COVID pandemic has affected the timing of the deadlines for the completion of the clubhouse and the project team is working against the clock to have the new clubhouse ready in August.

The new facilities will no longer have trampolines, jungle gyms and a pool but we trust that the beach will offer an alternative for energetic children. What we will have, which we were unable to have in the old clubhouses, is a kids “chill out” zone where they can hang out together with access to the internet and get involved with kids activities. With this in mind, we are looking for offers from the members on the club trampolines, Jungle Gym, pool pump, fittings and mushroom fountain. Contact Paul on the office number above for details and to make an offer.

We have added some food items to the car park coffee kiosk menu and we now offer bacon and egg rolls, wors rolls and plain hamburgers on weekends for take away while stock lasts.

Also available to our members from Monday to Thursday are beers and ciders at below members prices. This is on a take away basis only – to be consumed at home and with a minimum purchase of 6 of the same item ( 6 pack). Credit card or cash only ( membership accounts are currently not available). Contact Mike, Dave or Paul at the club office number above for prices and more details.

Kingfisher Sports Sale

Kingfisher Sports are regular and generous sponsors of the club and deserve your support. Please see attached details of their birthday sale that is on this weekend.

See you soon at the club

The PWSC Team[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]