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Greetings DUC divers!

We are fast approaching the official diving season of KZN for 2022.

Autumn and Winter characteristically have little rain and wind making for a calm, clean ocean and so it is TIME TO DIVE.

What’s new at the club:

Compressor Room / Gear Hire / Gear Service:

A revamped state-of-the-art compressor room has been built. Club members enjoy preferential rates on air and nitrox fills.

If you don’t have your own gear, you can rent a cylinder, BCD, and REG from the club.

If you own your own gear and need it serviced – drop it off at the club and DUC will facilitate the service on your behalf. DUC will ensure it goes to a qualified service agent who is certified to work on your specific brand of equipment.
Hydro and visuals are also facilitated through the club and done with Hydro Testing services.

Dive Planning and communication:

There are 2 DUC whatsapp groups. There is a dive planning group where all organized DUC dives are communicated. Any trips or talks are also communicated on this chat.

Then there is the general whatsapp group which is open for everyone to share images, information, and the odd joke!

Events/trips are also communicated via Insta and FB – so make sure you are following DUC on these platforms.

If you are not on the whatsapp chat contact SARAH on 0728010606

Durban Diving:

In case you didn’t know – there are amazing dive sites off Durban consisting of rocky reefs with amazing profiles as well as many interesting shipwrecks.

Dives are facilitated through the club’s recently renovated dive boat that is rigged for safety and comfort!

A wet room has been built to allow divers to drop off heavy dive gear in the morning before a dive and kit up in style!.

The boat stops right outside the wet room where divers can load gear onto the boat and gear is dropped off at the wet room again after the dive.

Upon returning from a dive, gear can be de-kitted and washed inside the wet room, and hung up to dry.

The divers can then go for breakfast, lunch or both😊 knowing that the gear is safe and drying. When you leave, you can pick up your gear on the way out.

DUC members can make use of DUC dive vouchers for significantly discounted dive rates.

Dive Courses:

DUC has 2 in-house instructors!

For non-DUC members wanting to do their open water, the club has offered 3 months free membership upon booking and paying for your dive course through DUC, in order for that non-member to experience all the wonderful benefits that DUC has to offer.

For those that have not dived in a while and want to get back into the water, the DUC instructors can assist with a refresher course.

If you are an OW 1 or even an advanced diver, the club can assist with an array of courses designed to improve your skills and overall safety when diving!

All the details of the courses are on the website:


Nitrox Course:

Air is for car tyres – Nitrox is for divers!

Breathing air with more than 21% oxygen is a safer way to dive! If you feel tired/sluggish and experience the odd headache after a dive then Nitrox is a game changer!

Nitrox biggest advantage though is extended bottom time!

DUC is running a Nitrox course :
Date 30th of April 2022
Cost R1500

Bookings contact Sarah: 0728010606


The club organizes and hosts South Africa’s prestigious DUC SHOUT. The competition is now in its 11th year and is well known for its amazing prizes.

The shooting period for the competition is from the 1st Nov 2021 to the 31st of July 2022. Watch the socials and the DUC website for updates!

We look forward to meeting all the new Open Water 1 divers in the up coming months!

There have been many youngsters getting certified and so we are looking forward to organizing a few “frog squad” dives during the diving season – watch this space 😊

Yours in diving
Bryan Hart

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