PWC Clubhouse Update 28/09/2021

Dear DUC and DSBC Members

Now that we are in the windy season and judging from the number of telephone queries we receive from members asking “what is the wind like at the club?”, a quick geography lesson is due!

Wind conditions in the mist belt are often different from the coast. Many members leave Hillcrest / Kloof / Westville in fine light breezy conditions only to find a howling, sand in your teeth, wind at the beach.

Wind direction is described from where it is blowing from and in Durban we have two prevailing winds, a northeast (NE) wind and a southwest (SW) wind. Wind speed can be measured in knots or Km/h. 15 knts = very roughly 30 km/h.

When are the best wind conditions at the club?

When a SW wind is blowing at 30km/hr or less and the sun is shining – first prize!

This is when the wind blows from the harbour direction (SW). Even in a hard blow of more than 30km/hr the area outside the club is sheltered from its effects by the promenade and the sea in front of the club is flattened by the SW wind.

Also OK is a NE wind (blowing from the sea direction) at 30km/h or less. This wind is cooling in summer but if it blows more than 30km/h it can put sand in your food, bring the dreaded blue bottles and increase the wave action in the Vetchs basin.

In NE wind conditions, mornings are always best at the club as the NE sometimes increases in intensity during the day due to warming of the land – but that is another geography lesson!

You can use free versions of mobile weather apps such as Windguru and Windfinder to help you find out what the current wind conditions at the club. Select your location as Durban Bay.

What’s Happening at the Club:

To accommodate members enjoying school holidays at the beach next week (4th to 8th October), the clubhouse will open on Monday 4th October and Tuesday 5th October from 9am to 3pm. Please note that only a reduced item take-away menu will be available on these days.

The club will open as normal for the rest of the week 6th to 10th October. ( see club hours attached)

Thursday 30th Sept Club Night

5pm to 7pm Wine Tasting by Vinimark – this week the wine brand on offer is Glenelly
Members can order cases of wine at club prices from the wine tasting reps on the evening.
5pm to 6pm Happy Hour – 30% off members price for drinks (excluding soft drinks)

Friday 1st October Family Friday

4pm to 8pm Live Music : Lance “Eric Clapton” Goldman is back by popular demand

Saturday 2nd October

7.00am Open Water Swimming – month end league swim – contact Steve

SCUBA Diving planned through DUC – contact Sarah for details and booking:

9.00 am Rugby on TV Aus vs Argentina
12 noon Rugby on TV NZ vs Boks

2pm Fishing Tackle Workshop (see details below) in Bar 2 area
2pm to 6pm Music – Saturday Sunset Session with DJ Spike

Sunday 3rd October

8 am: Race 1 of Siyaphambili surf ski challenge – contact Dave or Jacqui for more information. This race is hosted by the development section of the DUC Surf Ski Geriatskis – your support is valued.

Paolo returns with live music from 1pm to 5pm – put money in his hat and he will play for longer!

This week’s menu specials

Wednesday 29th September

• Lamb Curry and Rice R 90
• Prawn Curry and Rice R 90
• Half Peri Peri Chicken with chips, rice or salad R 70
• Burger and Beer Special R75 – Bacon and Cheeseburger topped with onion rings and served with chips and a 330ml Amstel Lager.
5pm to 6pm Happy Hour – 30% off members price for drinks (excluding soft drinks)

Thursday 30th September Club Night

• Pork Belly Roast and vegetables R 90
• Beef Lasagne and vegetables R 85
5pm to 6pm Happy Hour – 30% off members price for drinks (excluding soft drinks)
5pm to 7pm Wine Tasting by Vinimark – see above for details

Friday Oct 1st – Family Friday

Eisbein and vegetables R 98 – 12 30 TO 5PM
Roast Chicken and vegetables R 75

Sunday 3rd October

Pork Belly Roast and vegetables R 90
Stuffed Chicken and vegetables R 75

Fishing Tackle Workshop Saturday 2nd October

Hosted by Evert and Angling and Outdoor World
Venue: The Point Watersports Club Bar 2
Date: Saturday Oct 2nd
Time: 2pm

Bring your conas, leaders and some bucks ( credit card facilities available) to buy the spares and tackle you need ahead of the summer fishing season. There will be line, line protections sleeves, crimps, hooks etc available to purchase. There will be crimping machines to use and fellow members to assist you in getting your fishing tackle ready.

This is an informal workshop, not a formal talk, so Rapala trolling, knots, lines braids , etc will be discussed plus anything else you need advice on.

For more details contact Alan on 083 309 5132
Sodwana SCUBA Dive trip 11th to 14th November
On this weekend, the club divers will be heading to Coral Divers for some tropical diving on the famous and extensive Sodwana Reefs. This is also an opportunity for the club divers to go away together and do some of bonding by getting to know each other a bit better rather than just at dive briefings and on the boat trips to and from the dive sites as normal.

For any queries or if you would like to join the trip, you can contact Bryan Hart: / 0788031235

Toy Story Appeal

Our kids play area needs some input and upgrade. If you have some toys (especially educational), books, kids furniture, etc looking for a hand-me-down home, please consider the club as a possible recipient.

We look forward to seeing you at the club

The PWC Team

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