Lucky Draw

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are happy to report that entries are coming in steadily and as a Friday the 7th February we are marginally behind last year’s figures this time.
You are all fully aware of the statement —-ONE, TWO SORRY FOR YOU!
You are also aware of the other side of this coin which is—THREE FOUR AND THERE IS MORE

The latter is what this news break is all about!

For those that have already entered and for those that enter and are paid up by 28th February, you will receive two tickets in the LUCKY DRAW events. That is already stated in the advertising material.

Well, we believe early support needs to be rewarded, so we are going to give you forward thinking folks an offer you cannot refuse: YOU WILL ALL RECEIVE ANOTHER 2 TICKETS-————–so in total you will have FOUR-—————we have just doubled your chances! Don’t say thanks, just buy the scribe an ice-cold Nguni Lager when you next see him!
Please remember these tickets follow you all the way through from the end of February until the end of the Festival. If you win a lucky draw prize you still stay in with 4 tickets all the way. It is a no—brainer!

For what it is worth 3 people who had extra tickets last year won more that two prizes leading up to the lucky draws over the weekend.

SO, DON’T DELAY—————get on board now!

The first preliminary draw will be on the 8th March when we are holding our first social fishing get together for 2020. Also remember if your name comes out of the hat you still get your prize even if you cannot make the event! ———————-so it is very much a case of three, four, and there is more.
There will be another two lucky draw events before the Festival!
For those that won prizes in the lead up to the 2019 Festival, they were high value prizes that were useful and well received. Expect more this year!

Tight Lines from your Conveners
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